TCC Gives is a charity service provided by the Tennessee Cobbler Company. We collect donations of both money and food service supplies and we use those donations to serve free meals to those in need. No one is ever charged for a meal during a service event! 

We primarily feed volunteers and victims following natural disasters, however we also allocate specific days throughout the year to feeding those who are homeless or in area shelters. 

Please consider donating directly to the Charity Paypal account below! 

If you are more comfortable donating specific items please see the requested list below...

*All items can be shipped directly to: 

Citizen's Kitchen


975 Main Street Suite 4

Nashville, TN 37206

  • Wrapped Plasticware sets (spoons, forks, knives, napkins)

  • Disposable Carry out boxes (both with and without dividers)

  • Disposable 16oz cups

  • Disposable Coffee Cups and lids

  • Parchment paper sheets

  • Gatorade, Juice Boxes, Powerade, Canned sodas


Non perishable canned goods (Large cans for preparing bulk quantities)

  •       Sweet Potatoes

  •       White Potatoes

  •       Green Beans

  •       Black Beans

  •       Corn

  •       Soups

  •       Etc...

Basic Seasonings and Spices

  •      Black Pepper

  •      Salt

  •      Cajun Seasoning

  •      Lemon Pepper Seasoning

  •      Cayenne Pepper

  •      Chili-O

  •      Taco Seasoning

  •      Italian Seasoning

  •      Etc...